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Welcome to your DMU Nursing Society! The aim of our Nursing Society is to create a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaging place for all student nurses to feel a sense of belongingness at university. We aim to hold social events that will enhance the wellbeing of students and provide a safe and supportive environment away from the intensity and stress of placements and university work. 

We also hope to offer educational events that broaden and challenge knowledge, and work alongside programme leaders in the development of these. Placement hours will be given for all educational events.


Hello, my name is Katy, I am a Third Year Student Mental Health Nurse and I will be running the Nursing Society for the upcoming year. I care greatly about your wellbeing, especially following the many different challenges endured by all of us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, I am very excited to introduce a variety of student wellbeing support groups and events at the start of the next academic year. It is so important to me that the Nursing Society can create a space where every individual feels completely safe, included and supported, and I will ensure that there will be socials and events to suit each and every one of you. I can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our society! x

(If you have any questions at all, or ideas of things that you would like to be included in our socials and events, please email me at




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