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Who are we?

The Demon Barbers is a mixed barbershop chorus open to anyone interested in singing. We look to create a fun and and welcoming environment to create some powerful and exciting music. If you're at all interested, contact us and we promise we can have you singing well in no time, even if you've never sung before.

What is a barbershop chorus?

You may be familiar with barbershop quartets from The Simpsons, Family Guy or the Disneyland quartet, the Dapper Dans. These quartets are almost always portrayed in the classic style with straw boater hats, garters, spats and striped waistcoats. However, very little of modern barbershop actually looks like this. To give you a look at what modern barbershop is capable of, here is a performance by international champions, The Westminster Chorus:

While this sort of performance can seem unachievable, the vast majority of barbershoppers are not professional singers and only sing as a hobby (though many will attest that it has become much more than just a hobby). All it takes to create an exhilirating performance like this is enthusiasm and dedication.

Many barbershop choruses like Westminster are single gender, however The Demon Barbers is open to all.

Barbershop music is made up of four voice parts:

Sings the highest harmonising notes in the arrangement. Whether male or female, the tenor sings at the top of their range while keeping the sound light and floaty.

Sings the melody of the song which the other parts harmonise to. This voice imparts the majority of the emotion of the song too (though the other certainly have to carry their own weight)!

Sings a notoriously tricky part as they have the job of finishing chords set up by the other three parts. This can make baritone lines sound very non-melodic and makes a great challenge for brave singers!

Sings the lowest harmonising notes in the arrangement. They provide a strong foundation for the rest of the sound. Like a concrete floor for a mansion of music.

Whatever your voice is like, there is something for you to sing and we will be able to get you sounding nice as part of the group.

How to get involved

If this has enticed you at all, we encourage you to come along to a rehearsal, while we may be doing songs we have learnt beforehand, there will definitely be some singing for you to do. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at

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