Black Law Society

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Black Law Society

At De Montfort University and wanting to better yourself, your CV and the lives of those around you?

Then we'd like to welcome you to The B.L.A.C.K Law Society.

‘B.L.A.C.K’ is an acronym for Bold Leaders Attaining Culture and Knowledge, and the aim of our student led society is to create experiences and opportunities for students of all races and backgrounds, particularly those under the BAME umbrella and of working class, as we understand the difficulty and pressure of trying to get experience. 


The society was founded in November 2018 by a BAL staff member, Melica Martin, and a small number of students. From then, we have worked tirelessly to ensure the growth and awareness of the society within the faculty, while also ensuring all those who study law feel welcome, regardless of their ethnicity. With that, our aim to provide mentoring support to students has seen our membership increase substantially, now boasting over 90 members, from a range of backgrounds. 


We create such opportunities in order to give confidence to our members that they are ready to step into the world of work after graduation, and so that they are driven with a sense of purpose and certainty that they chose their careers correctly. 


In January 2019, we were formally accredited by De Montfort Students’ Union as a recognised academic society, and therefore are preparing to move onto the next phase of fulfilling our objectives for the society. We hope to continue providing students with placement opportunities that best match their skills and their aims and goals post-graduate to ensure we are giving our members the tools they need to succeed in the this ever more competitive industry. Statistically, those from the BAME community make up just 1 in 5 of those in the legal sector of the UK (2017); when dissected further, black lawyers make up just 3% of the sector. This combined with socioeconomic differences and gender inequality sector-wide creates a huge disadvantage to those from the BAME community, especially those who identify as black.


Some of the projects we have and/or are currently undertaking include:


1. A knife crime summit in 2019, where we welcomed students, lecturers, the CPS and criminologists to deliver their presentations, and we found that the turn out was amazing. 

2. A mini law course for college students, and our members led groups and activities and guided the young students throughout the week in their work. 

3. Leaders for Tomorrow program based on the NHS leadership model.

4. Mooting in non-traditional ways where we put students into two groups, prosecution and defence, and they fulfil their roles based on real-life cases.

5. The Student Lawyer Programme is one we are most proud of as we provide students with internships and we have firms interested in helping us - we send our students off to various law firms for work experience in order to grow their skills and network! 


COVID times have made life very difficult, but the SBLS has adapted and continued to run projects and innovate. Don't wait until we get back to normality, you can get involved today!

We value you and want to give you a voice, come and join the SBLS!

"I was initially so nervous about joining the Black Law Society, the idea of going into a room with so many new people terrified me. But once I was there everyone was just so lovely, they were genuinely interested in what I had to say and nobody went unheard. I have since got involved in so many amazing projects that will definitely set me apart from other candidates when I apply for jobs in the future!" - SBLS Member

If you do decide you want to join us or are even a bit unsure, make sure to follow us on Instagram (@dmublacklawsociety) to keep up to date with any and all opportunities and events we will be running!


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