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Aspiring Medics

Welcome to the Aspiring Medics society page!


This society is for anyone (all faculties) who would want to do Graduate entry medicine (aspiring dentists and vets are also welcome) after completing your degree here at De Montfort University.

Getting into medical/dental school can be extremely difficult; especially for those who do not come from a professional background. Our aim as a society is to help overcome this barrier and give you a better chance of getting into a medical school via this route.  We aim to work as a team and use all our strengths to develop each other’s weaknesses.

This academic year, we aspire to do many exciting things that will help us develop the various skills required to make our end goal possible, but to also develop individually as a person. We will work on interview skills, entrance exams, personal statements, undergo ethical debates, current healthcare issues, provide links to organisations that allow voluntary work, work experience and much more!

Although we’re not all just work and no play! We will still have regular socials and a pretty exciting volunteering abroad summer project in currently in the works!

Would you like to be involved?

Would you like to reach your ultimate dream and become a Doctor?

Well join our society today!

 (P.S. Spaces for volunteering are limited so hurry, sign up and show us how serious you are!)




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