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Start-Up DMU is a technology focused business society at the Leicester Business School.

Started in 2015 inspired by tech incubators such as Y-Combinator we aim to bring the following to our society members present and gone:

•   Daylong workshops with industry professionals 

•   App development classes

•   Hackathons

•   Coding classes

•   Industry specific networking events 

•   Visiting speakers

•   Fireside chats with industry experts

•   Mentorship programmes 


Calling all Hipsters (Designers, Marketeers, UX/UI enthusiast), Hustlers (Entrepreneurs) and Hackers (Coders, Computer Science students)!


Start-Up DMU is unquestionably the first port of call for anyone at De Montfort University who is interested in meeting like-minded people and working on their next big idea.


Your committee:

Ryan Clarke - Chairman 

Azra Ali - Co-Head of Events 

Dominic Bryan -  Co-Head of Events & Safety Officer 

Hannah Javid - Head of Marketing & Secretary

Benjamin Barr - Treasurer & Marketing Officer

Simon Glennon - Digital Content Creator


For more information, please visit: 

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Membership (Yearly): £5

*please be the advised all the proceeds from the Membership fee will be re-invested into your society and will be accounted for in the budget report*


Shabir Ryan Clarke
Head of Design
Simon Glennon
Head of Events
Azra Haji Ali
Health & Safety
Dominic Bryan
Hannah Javid
Benjamin Barr
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