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The aim of this society is to create a safe, supportive and engaging place for student nurses to feel a sense of belongingness at university. We aim to hold social events that give students a haven from the often-stressful environment of placements and university.

We also hope to offer educational events that broaden and challenge knowledge, and work alongside programme leaders in the development of these- placement hours will be given for all educational events.

We also wish to organise the largest ‘course specific’ trip to Liverpool for RCN Congress 2019 and give many the opportunity to experience what congress is about and how politics impacts nursing practice. In achieving all these aspects- social, wellbeing and educational events- we hope to empower student nurses to make changes in areas they are passionate about, gaining extra experiences and memories of their time at university.


Dan Gaughan- 1st Year Mental Health Student Nurse

Hi everyone! Im Dan Gaughan and im the Chairperson of the newly formed Dmu Nursing Society!

I started Mental Health Nursing back in March as part of 1803 cohort and I am a mature student. I wanted to help set the society going again as I was previously President of the DMU Law Society back in 2005 (I know, I dont look old enough), and I know how great that was for meeting people on my course at socials, but just as importantly for more academic based stuff as well. But the most important thing is that we are running this society for you and all our future members, so we need your input to know the kinds of things you would like to get involved in!
Interesting fact: I was a wedding videographer before coming to uni, and got to meet Noel Edmonds at a wedding I filmed in Dubai!


Savannah Crowder- 3rd Year Adult Student Nurse

My name is Savannah and I am the Secretary of the newly established DMU Nursing Society! I am in 1609 cohort studying adult nursing. I wanted to be apart of this society and get it up and running because I wanted a society that nurses can be apart of that offers social events as well as educational/development events that are catered to student nurses. This society is run by us and for us as we know best what we want to get from university and what we need to help us get through. This means we also need your help and ideas suggestions comment, have a chat with any of us or give us a message.
Interesting fact: I freeclimb rocks and jump off them for the thrill!


Katie Dutton- 2nd Year Adult Student Nurse

My name is Katie, I am a 2nd year Adult Nursing student in the 1703 cohort at DMU. I have just taken on the role of treasurer, which means my role is to pester people for cheaper prices everywhere- I’ll do my best!! I wanted to support a new society for nursing because I realised how well other university SU’s were doing, and this posed the question, how can we make this society fair, engaging and supportive of all cohorts? We realised not everyone wants a union that party’s every weekend and in fact nursing is a professional course, so let’s offer both aspects! We are very approachable, so please let us know what you would like from your society.
Interesting Fact: I love a good panda, my instagram feed mainly consist of panda videos/pics/merchandise and it’s getting a little out of hand now... (send help). I also recently won Student Nurse of the Year and got to meet the ‘mother of dragons’ Emilia Clarke- and what did I say to her “the weathers been nice today hasn’t it?!” 

Health & Safety Officer

Amy Horner- 3rd Year Adult Student Nurse

Hello, my name is Amy, I am the health and safety officer for the nursing society! I wanted to help re-establish the nursing society to provide more welfare for student nurses. We all know how difficult this course can be alongside your own life and I feel we need to provide more support specifically for student nurses, as well as proving educational and social activities and events! As said in the previous posts, feel free to contact any of us with ideas and questions!!
Interesting Fact: I used to do competitive artistic gymnastics (definitely couldn’t do half the stuff now that I used to)

Social Secretary

Tania Lali- 2nd Year Adult Student Nurse

I’m Tania and I’m a 2nd year Adult Nurse in 1703. I’m officially your Social Secretary and will be responsible for (arguably) the most fun part of the society, the socials!! (because who doesn’t love a good night out?). I wanted to be a part of the nursing society because I feel that as student nurses we don’t get the opportunity to experience “uni life” with our hectic schedules (apart from deadline stresses). Especially being a March starter, I felt like we were a little forgotten about in-terms of joining societies and getting involved in extra-curricular activities. I wanted a society that will run all year round for all cohorts, so that everyone gets the opportunity to not only go out, but get involved in educational events to make us better nurses! But remember, it’s your society so don’t forget to tell us what you want from it. 
Interesting fact: I love to act, sing and dance! Over the summer I was in a dance adaption of the Wizard of Oz and played the Scarecrow! 

Daniel Gaughan
Health & Safety & Wellbeing Officer
Charlotte Gransden
Marketing and Publicity Officer
Alexander Bland
Molly Kiltie
Social Secretary
Tania Lali
Katie Dutton
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