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Do you have a business idea but you don't know how to start?

Have you already started your business and seeking help and advice?

The Enterprise Society is for you!


At every university, there is a huge diversity of students from all over the world. Each
of us has varying valuable skills. The Enterprise Society mission is to connect
entrepreneurial and enterprising students to develop essential skills needed to
become a successful entrepreneur.

Instead of setting up businesses individually where the variety of services are
required, for instance, accounting, marketing, law, consulting, etc… We can manage
students businesses from involved individuals of limited companies having members
from many different background and faculties who are specialised in a particular


  • Setting up the start-ups
  • Opening Private Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Freelancers
  • Develop ourselves and our businesses
  • Consulting for local businesses 
  • Improving and supporting local businesses

We help you to gain 7 essential skills of every successful entrepreneur:

  • Ambition
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Ability to Listen
  • Creativity
  • Assertiveness and Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Courage and Risk Taking

As a society, we will be organising workshops and events at DMU campus and
elsewhere if needed. We can be based at the Innovation Centre hearth of enterprise
and entrepreneurship for DMU.?

Main Vision:

Set up as many feasible start-ups as a number of our qualified members at every different
business-related areas. It will create a whole running firm as a society which will be
specialised in all areas of customers needs. Students businesses will be generating money
for them so society members will be motivated to work. Additionally, we will be offering
services as a whole society getting money to society account (DSU).

Example of few easy to set up start-ups:

  • Law - citizens and businesses advice
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales
  • Consulting
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Event Management
  • And more...

Contact us to receive more information!

Mohamoud Mohamoud
Bushra Zafar
Event Coordinator
Vikas Singh
Event Manager and Coordinator
Hafiludeen Meethalepurayil
Executive Designer
Tanvi Bothara
Health & Safety
Deelesh Borra
Krishna Chidagam
Vansh Maheshwari
Project Manager
Devyani Kabra
Mahita Parvatha
Vikas Singh
Vice Chairperson
Krystian Wojtas
Vice President
Logan King
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