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The Woman in Me

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Society Aims :

This society is all about Women empowerment and growth. With the help of self-esteem activities every session and daily dilemmas from the members we hope it will be a catalyst for the girls to react differently to those issues.

Inspirational talks, expression through art, spoken word or poetry is going to be part of our theraputic sessions. Alongside this, external activities like pillow talk, meals and even trips are some of the things that we hope to apply throughout the year. Essentially, we want to be a shoulder for the girls to lean on so that they feel open to tell us anything that they may be struggling with through our mentoring seesions or simply they can express their opinions within any issue.

At the end of the academic year we plan to have a ceremony so that these girls can be recognised for their development throughout their experience within this society and most importantly we hope you have a FUN year.

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Zeinab Al-Ahmar
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