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Welcome to the Thai Society of DMU!!

If you have any inquires about this society just join us in one of our events! We welcome everyone! so please come and experience Thai culture and activities! We will have food nights with Thai food and Thai horror movies and really fun games and cultural activities. We are going to have field trips to festivals and a end of year trip to THAILAND!!.

This society will be a place for you to make new friends and share your interests with others. So come along and lets have a BLAST!!

Committee members:
Chairperson- Parvez Minhas
Vice chairperson - Kara Chanphanitravee
Chief secretary- Neha Virk
Health and safety officer- Shannon Gethins
Treasurer-Shilpa Panchasra
Events organiser - Berfin Guzel 

There are no current events to display.
No Elections running