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Already running a successful blog page and want to share your tips with others? Starting out as a newbie in the blogging world and want step-by-step guidance? Looking to start blogging and lacking inspiration? DMU Bloggers Society welcomes you! With a vast range of blogging backgrounds including: lifestyle, fashion, makeup, travelling, photography, music, food and many more. 


Weekly meets will address different topics, ensuring ideas are shared and utmost support is given to all members as well as allowing networking opportunities for likeminded bloggers.


Alongside, DMU Bloggers Society brings events to its members (at discounted pricing), which constantly provides content for their blog. With close links to other societies there will always be a unforgettable experience! Events ranging from fashion shows inspiring speakers for inspiration and ideas, as well as trips to events and conferences your blog will never run out articles!


With Wordpress and Youtube at the peak of popularity, the possibilities are endless! So join DMU Bloggers Society today and take the first step of your blogging career!


Come meet us at the Fresher’s Fair annually and feel free to have a chat for any further queries.

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