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We hold weekly meetings on a Friday and welcome anyone currently studying at DMU. Contact us on our social media pages for more info!

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• Are everyone’s go to guy or gal • Need to be able to communicate with your members, the Students’ Union and sometimes the University • set agendas, targets and deadlines, • motivate your other committee members. • You’re also the main contact for the students’ union to get in touch with if there’s an issue that needs resolving. • You need to sign off on most documents to do with the society • Are the Manager of your Club or Society. You need to ensure that the rest of the Committee members fulfil their roles • Are responsible for the decision making of your Club or Society, along with the rest of the Committee

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• Complete the society budget and ensure it is adhered to. • Ensure that members pay their fees on the DSU Website. • Be responsible for logging all ingoing and outgoing payments. • Ensure that committee members or society members get their reimbursements from the society’s self funding account

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Please note only members of this group are able to use student group finance online system.