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Drug Science

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The De Montfort Drug Science Society is an academic-based society interested in the education of drug policy, harm reduction, nature, and research of the cutting-edge breakthroughs psychedelic are proving within a clinical setting.

The objective is to inform members of current scientific research and provide a medium for debate, discussion, and analysis. Dissemination of evidence-based medicine is delivered through a host of captivating webinars and in-person events, pertaining to the education of harm reduction and clinical applications of psychedelic/psychoactive agents in the field of medicine. Our affiliation with the Drug Science Student Network (SSN) permits the opportunity for collaboration events with other affiliated universities with shared interests across the UK, and access to exclusive talks from some of the leading researchers!

More direct, interactive, and engaging face-to-face events are organised in a journal club format, whereby members can regularly gather to discuss and exchange ideas regarding areas of interest in the field of neuropsychopharmacology. Attendees can socialise, engage in group discussions, and inquire about aspects of experimental design, critique study methods, debate ethical concerns, or even consider scepticism of results.

Recreational use of illicit compounds is not endorsed by the society, and the risks associated with these compounds are not de-emphasised.

Annual Membership: £5

Our annual membership fee supports the funding of our events and activities throughout the year. Membership can be bought at any point in the year, and all memberships will expire at the end of the 2023/24 academic year. 


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