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The Homeless Outreach Society is coming into its fourth academic year this September! We are a society that is dedicated to helping those vulnerable to homelessness within Leicester.

Some of the ways that we have done this include:

  • fundraisers; 
  • collection drives for essential food, clothing, and toiletries;
  • and raising awareness on campus.

Throughout the years, this society has managed to achieve some incredible things! 

Alongside different social events that we have held to allow members to learn more about us, we have also held multiple fundraisers where we have raised a total of £377.71 for different homeless charities within Leicester.

Previously in the winter months, we have also held a donation drive where DMU students and staff were asked to donate food, toiletries and sleeping bags. We received a great response from this collection drive with photos available on our Instagram page (@dmu_outreachsociety).

As a society, our main aims are to:

  • encourage those who are passionate about homelessness to work together to tackle the issue;
  • maintain a comfortable environment where students feel safe contributing to the cause through fundraising, volunteering and/or spreading awareness on campus;
  • increase awareness of homelessness and provide links to resources where staff and students from DMU can learn more;
  • create links with charities and organisations to provide an additional resource for them to spread their missions

So, how are we going to achieve these goals with COVID-19? We will:

  • only running fundraisers and campaigns when it is appropriate and safe enough to do so;
  • run donation drives and other events in conjunction with different homeless charities in Leicester;
  • campaign to Leicester council and local governments to increase the priority of addressing the homeless issue in the city through organised events and partnerships with organisations;
  • (when appropriate) work with UOL Homeless Outreach and other DMU societies to run outreaches for greater participation at events and collections;
  • supporting and advocating for the local homeless charities/shelters in their work through events like fundraising and donations
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