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Calling all Mature students!!

If you are over 21 and would like to meet up with other students like you then come along to our events. 

We are here to involve you, and we want you to feel as much of a part of DMU as anyone else. We understand you are likely to have a number of commitments outside of university life which could limit involvement with social or extra curricular worries, just join in if and when you feel appropriate - No pressure.

We are a relatively new society and we want everyone to feel as though they have like minded friends and peers they can come to. We are a friendly and welcoming group, with a relaxed attitude and here to make sure that no student feels lost or alone. If you feel you fit into the "catagory " of a mature student, then you are more than welcome to join us too, we have no barriers and will welcome any student who wishes to join our society :)

With such a wide age range, diverse personality types and unusual life paths within this group, the chances are you will meet someone in a similar situation or with a similar mentality as yourself......and remember age is just a number. So you might have just turned 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71 etc.....we don't care....come and say hello :-)

How Many Mature Students Are There At DMU?

Around a third of the students at DMU are over 21years literally thousands. This society would like all mature students to come together so they feel a part of something with no-one being left out.

Im Not Overly Sociable, Or I Have Children:

Do not worry! The DMU Mature Student Society is here to cater for everyone, that includes holding events that are child freindly. Also, there are other parents studying here at DMU, so why not meet up with them in a relaxing environment, and help each other out with ideas?

Don't feel like socialising with younger students?

Again, do not worry, we know how to have a quiet drink, or a pleasant meal, and we are aware that socialising does not have to revolve around loud music! Or if you would rather stay in contact online, then our facebook page is a very convenient place to join in.

Mature Students, Aren't They All Boring?

NO.....We can party, drink and laugh like anyone else, we just appreciate that there is more to life, and anyway we are all young at heart!! Most of us have made a big decision to come to University, and we are all here to succeed.

Our events will vary, from quiet coffee mornings, to sophisticated wine and cheese evenings, as well as full on social nights for those who are interested. We value life experience and all that comes with it, so boring is the last word to be used for us!

We do not want anyone to feel excluded, so if you have an idea that you think other mature stuents might enjoy, let us know!

I Have Some Questions That I Need Help With:

If we can't assist you directly, we'll point you in the direction of those who can. There is some fantastic support at DMU, and we are just a small part of that. Rest assured, no matter how big or small your questions are, we can help! We work closely with the mature students rep in the SU and regularly meet with him, so any issues you may be having we can pass them on directly to those who can fix it.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are here at DMU as a mature student, come and join us, we are all looking forward to meeting you!

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