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The Debate Society is a platform for students and university peers alike to converse in the art of debating. University is not about being told how to think, but being prepared to think for oneself. This will mark the next step towards a greater independence, the greatest gift this institution can give you is not a piece of paper, but the ability and confidence to think critically in your chosen field. This is the point where you take your future into your own hands.

We aim to take this ethos and apply it to all types of public discussion, whatever the subject. We embolden the freedom of speech, expression, open debate and critical analysis. We pledge to provide all students with a platform to endorse their beliefs and have a neutrally moderated, public stage to engage with one another.  All views are welcome, regardless of controversy. All things will come under the scrutiny that a public debate brings. 

Our methods are gradual, we do not expect everyone to be a natural born conversationalist, but in time, and with the support of of all committee and society members; our members will become effective communicators and hold a profound argument in both academic and personal forms. 

We encourage students from all courses and year categories to join in and voice their thoughts on topical issues, even those that are controversial. This society will offer you opportunities to develop your professional and intellectual skills, but we also expect a development of creativity in order to form a logical yet interesting argument.


This society boasts;

- Debates sponsored by Leicester businesses.

- Confidence booster sessions.

- CV enhancement and development sessions

- Annual formal and competitive debates.

- An annual formal award ceremony.

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