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Welcome to the DSU International Students’ Café!


The goal of this cafe is give you the opportunity to not only meet new people but also to improve your conversational English, de-stress from the pressures of your studies, and make your time at DMU as enjoyable as possible!

We encourage students to join us on regular weekly sessions for a number of activities! You can engage in board games and introduce new ones if you have any, prove yourself in fun quizzes, or even just sit and have a delightful chat with others about any topic at all with a hot drink in hand. Also, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions as to what to do in the sessions. Anyone can join! Invite your friends as well!

If you or any of friends would like to join or are curious, you can pop in to one of our sessions and see for yourself! If you think its your cup of tea, we can guide you on how to join officially afterwards! Come on! Give it a go! We promise we wont bite! They are held at the HUB in the Art Factory Building on the DMU campus on Wednesdays from 2-4 pm (during term time).

Alternatively you can look at Icafe’s page on the DSU site:

You can also message us

On the Facebook page:

Follow us on twitter: @Dmustudentscafe

Or even email our team at if you have any comments, concerns or questions!

We are also always looking for volunteers to run these cafes and help to tutor fellow students in various topics of conversation. Each week there will be a different topic, which could range from using public transport to surviving the supermarket. This is a great opportunity to make a real difference and meet new people.

Opportunity: International Students' Cafe Tutor

Times: Wednesdays (during term time) 2-4pm


We look forward to seeing you! :)
The DSU International Student’s Café Team

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