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Welcome to the Equality Society

While there are many societies at De Montfort University for different cultures and religions there doesn't seem to be a society to unite people from all walks of life.

Our goal is to establish a society open to anyone and everyone, our aims will be to promote equality through a variety of activities open to everyone, to contribute to society through various charity opportunities and to create a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome.

We will look to choose an topic to focus on each term and to do multiple workshops, speakers and charity fundrasing. Whilst giving back to those around us and spreading awarness of certain issues, we will have fun socials for all of us to get to know each other and improve personal skills.

We are open to ideas and suggestions on activities and more, so please contact us on Facebook or Email if you have any questions.


Example of our activities;

               Recently a few of us attended the #OurNHS protest in London to show our support to stop privitisation/cut backs for the NHS. 

Louise Georgia Devereaux
Health & Safety
Samuel Foley
Hollie Austin
Matthew Alexander James Heslop
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