A MUST READ - Societies for 15-16


All 14-15 society committees were in post until 31st July and new committee members came into place on 1st August. Those who were elected in to take over an existing society (any of the societies who existed with DSU in 14-15) must complete and return the societies registration form for 15-16.

Hopefully outgoing committees gave newly elected committees a handover pack which includes the registration form. Where this isn't the case newly elected committees can use the download above and email it to societies@dmu.ac.uk.

It's worth noting that if society registration forms weren't submitted by 31st July then as of 1st August the society ceased to exist. If the registration form is submitted after this date (at any point from now on) the society can still exist but it will mean that there will be a period of time (from 1st August until the form is submitted) that the society won't appear on the societies page and will miss out on valuable exposure over the summer - a key time.

If you have any questions about your society then please do not hesitate to ask the team at societies@dmu.ac.uk, on 0116 257 6304 or in 1.30 in your Students' Union.


Things to be considered:

  • Check which groups already exist. Any new societies need to be different
  • What type of society will it be? Check the existing categories on the societies list. Where would the new society fit in?
  • What makes the society unique?
  • Is there a strong student interest? Have others been spoken to and asked for their views?
  • What activities will the society be doing?
  • How and where will the society carry out the activities?
  • Does the society have any special requipments?
  • How will the society be financed?
  • Discuss the idea with the Volunteer and Societies team in Office 1.30 in DSU.

Collect a Society Registration Form, or download the online version here. For those wanting to know more about each committee role can read this guidance.

Hand the completed form to the team in the Volunteering and Societies Office (1.30) or email them to societies@dmu.ac.uk. You will be invited to the next Societies Panel meeting where you can explain what your society is all about and answer any questions that the Panel members may have.