Managing stress during the exam period

Managing stress during the exam period

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This week we have explored topics that are key to keeping you academically and mentally well during the last final push of the academic year. We've addressed:

  • Academic Offences and Bad Academic Practice

  • Stress management

  • Revision techniques

  • The DMU Safety Net Policy

If you have missed our posts this week lets refresh what was covered... 


Academic Offences and Bad Academic Practice! 

Contract Cheating. Collusion. Plagiarism. Referencing and Cheating on an Exam are all Academic Offences and forms of Bad Academic Practice. 

Please take the time and familiarise yourself with these terms to ensure you do not fall victim to an Academic Offence. 

  • Find a student friendly breakdown on what an academic offence consists of here.

  • Sek support from CLaSS for advice on how to practice good academic habits here.


The Vision of Revision! 

Revising may be different to what you are used to this year with lockdown changing many preconceptions to what you might’ve imagined yourself doing normally. You can find our top revision tips here.

Our Study Survival Set includes a revision planner which can support you with organising your revision schedule. Download it here.


DMU Safety Net Policy

The Safety Net Policy is in place to make sure you have the academic support you need to succeed during the current situation. The policy supports with: 

  • Personal or technological issue relating to lockdown that are interfering with your assessments. 

  • Deferrals, due to circumstances beyond your control relating to lockdown. 

  • Reassessments of failure, first attempts. 

  • Progression and Degree Outcomes! (third years and master's students only) 

You can read our easy-read guide on the Safety Net Policy here.


We at DSU are here to support you throughout these times. 

Please get in touch with our Advice & Wellbeing Team if you have any concerns about your exams, mental wellbeing or any other academic related problems. You can find out more about how to contact them here.

Head to our Academic Study Survival Set for further resources to support you in keeping academically and personally well.