DSU Elections: RESULTS

DSU Elections: RESULTS

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It’s been another successful year for the De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Elections. Thanks to how many of you that voted, we have managed to increase our vote count by 60% from last year!

During the Elections period De Montfort University (DMU) students had their say in choosing their full-time Executive Officers and part-time Liberation Representatives to make up the next DSU Officer Team.

The votes have now been counted and the results are in (to see a breakdown of the result please click below)...

Your elected Executive Officers (Full-Time) are;

The Executive Officers will be on an equal structure and will be responsible for taking ownership of their own areas and responsibilities while representing you.

Alongside the Executive Team, 7 part-time Liberation Representatives have been elected:

As well as these 12 positions, you elected this year’s National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates who will be representing DSU at the NUS National Conference later this year. Your NUS Delegates are…

  • Diya Rattanpal
  • Hannah Willoughby
  • Aisha Ismail
  • Tom Guyton-Day
  • Laura Flowers
  • Zee Al-Ahmar

Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2020 DSU Elections and to all our candidates for their incredible hard work while campaigning.

If you have any questions regarding the DSU Elections, please contact voice@dmu.ac.uk



Yaseen Salim
2:55pm on 17 Apr 21 How do i start a group in dmu and register it
Ragini Doli
11:20am on 25 Mar 21 How to reach out to the Students Union for help & support when I cannot get a proper response from the CEM advice center. Does the Students Union has any email ID where to reach out to them ??
Mattheus Shu Ayongwa
12:57am on 20 Feb 21 Hi guys, I'm new to here but I believe students unions as these serve as a link not just between the students and the administration, but also help them achieve their success goals in DMU and beyond, Covid or not.... Looking for a more interactive session where students concerns can be address or assuaged. So I hope the DSU numbers on our ID cards serve a purpose, and not just for show.
Roy Weller
12:58pm on 3 May 20 the representatives haven't got any contact information and haven't been updated on their respective representation pages.
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