Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

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On 20 November we come together to show our unity as allies to the transgender community. If you would like to pick up a pronoun badge, you can do so at Reception in the Campus Centre.

Our LGBTQ+ Officer and Equality and Diversity Executive have a message on this day of remembrance:

Here are some ways that you can work towards being a better ally:

  • Normalize introducing yourself with your pronouns
  • If you accidentally slip up when using someone's pronoun, correct yourself and move on
  • When someone corrects you, say thank you and move on
  • If you notice someone using the wrong pronoun, get into the habit of interrupting and quickly correcting them
  • For every time you get someone's pronouns wrong, say it right three times (this doesn't have to be aloud)
  • Don't let anyone feel like a burden if you're struggling with their pronouns
  • Don't make someone alleviate your guilt


Remember: you can pick up a pronoun badge from Reception in the Campus Centre!



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