Thousands of students #GetOnTheRoll

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Almost 3,000 students have registered to vote in Leicester thanks to a campaign by DSU and De Montfort University.

Jon Ashworth, the Labour MP for Leicester South – the constituency where DMU sits – came to the university on Friday to thank those who joined the electoral register thanks to DSU’s successful #GetOnTheRoll campaign, supported by the internal communications team at DMU.

He told the DMU website: “I'm very grateful to the staff at De Montfort University and the Student Union for their amazing work in registering so many students that would not have had a voice if this registration system had not existed.”

The #GetOnTheRoll campaign on social media and the DSU website directed eligible students to register using myDMU, and an incredible 97% of students responded.

Listen to Demon FM's Harry Davidson speak to Jon Ashworth MP about #GetOnTheRoll.


Adam Redfern, Vice President Media and Communications at DSU, met with the MP on Friday and said: “Jon Ashworth was very happy that DSU had taken the initiative with this campaign and was very interested to find out what the students thought about politics and how politics affects them.

“I think it is fantastic that DMU have taken this initiative to encourage students to join the electoral register and I am proud that both DSU and the university have taken hold of this issue.”


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