Student leaders learn valuable skills at #ActiCon19

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De Montfort University (DMU) students were giving the opportunity to learn new skills to lead their student groups this week at ActiCon 2019.

DMU students who have been newly elected to run their societies and sports clubs, were given the chance to attend this year’s training at #ActiCon19. 

Held on Wednesday 29 May in the Hugh Aston building, the committee leaders were welcomed into their new roles with an array of training to suit their role's specific needs.


Committee members from student groups were welcomed into their new roles with an array of training and support. 

Sessions were run by our in-house experts at DSU, as well as support from our current and incoming executive officers. 

Derrick Mensah, VP Student Activities at DSU, spoke about the importance that student group leaders have in making the student experience exceptional: “The training was really important for the incoming student group committees to get a good understanding of how things work and to empower them to be the best leaders they can be.

“It was a great afternoon, with a good turnout from student group committees. The sessions were well received and they were really interactive, so the students could have a great input.”


De Montfort Students' Union lead workshops on everything from inclusion, to utilizing social media. 

The sessions varied from role-specific sessions such as Social Media and Event training, as well sessions on the Mandala project, where students learnt about the importance of being an active bystander to challenging behaviour of an inappropriate nature.

Students at the training also had the opportunity to see the Student Leaders’ HQ, which is our resource hub for all our committee members.

There will also be another training session for students returning in September. The training is set to be on Wednesday 18 September 2019, so make sure you have that in your diary!



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