Student Spotlight: DMU Golf captain awarded scholarship

Student Spotlight: DMU Golf captain awarded scholarship

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Student Spotlight, DMU Golf Captain awarded scholarship. Click here to read the full news story. Student Spotlight - DMU Golf Captain awarded scholarship.

This October, Gunther Mur, 20, was not only named captain of the golf team, but also awarded a De Montfort University (DMU) Sports Scholarship.

During the academic year of 2019/20 Gunther participated in Regional and National tournaments, where he represented the DMU Golf. Gunther also took part in World Rank tournaments over the Summer, demonstrating great passion and commitment to the sport, which is crucial criteria for getting the scholarship.

When speaking to Gunther about his scholarship he said, “This is a great achievement that I am really proud of and happy about.”

He added, “I hope it inspires and motivates everyone in the society.”

In addition to his degree in International Relations and Politics BA (Hons), Gunther joined the golf team last year. Now, as he goes into his second year as team member and first as captain, he is confident that his achievement with DMU Golf will bring attention to the club and, with it, some new faces.

“As the Activities Fair was online, many people may have missed out on important information on the sports opportunities the university has.

Any student that already plays golf or wants to start is free and welcome to join DMU Golf.” Gunther added.

If you would like to learn more about DMU Golf, make sure to check them on the DSU website here.

Likewise, if you would like to know more information on DMU Sports Scholarships click here.


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11:02pm on 15 Oct 20 Thank you DSU, and Morgana Ribeiro to write this amazing article
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