Student Group Elections Results Announced

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In addition to the 5 full-time executive roles and 9 part-time liberation and facticity representative roles that were democratically elected by over 5000 students in the recent elections, all 117 student societies and sports clubs also held elections to choose their leaders for the upcoming academic year of 2024/2025.

Each of our student groups is led by elected student representatives from within their respective group. These representatives work diligently to ensure that all group members have a positive and fulfilling experience. Committee members have the opportunity to have a significant impact on their groups and provide valuable experiences that can benefit them in their future careers post-university.

Students were able to rank their preferred candidates using proportional representation, the voting system utilised for all De Montfort Students Union elections. In this system, if a member's first-choice candidate did not garner enough votes in the initial round and no candidate reached the required majority of 50%+1, the member's vote would then be transferred to their second-choice candidate in hopes of securing their election. Additionally, the option of "Re-Open Nominations" was available for all roles in DSU elections, enabling voting members to request different candidates if none of the candidates on the ballot were deemed suitable.

All positions were announced during the election results night on Wednesday, March 13th. Please see below for a comprehensive list of successful candidates elected to serve as committee members for the student group in 2024/2025.

African and Caribbean Society - Chairperson Beni Azakaye-Izekor

African and Caribbean Society - Treasurer Fiona Isere

African and Caribbean Society - Vice Chair Hafeez Adeniran

African and Caribbean Society - Wellbeing Officer Madan Jagne

American Football - Chairperson Tidal Lynch

American Football - Kit Manager Corey Bamber

American Football - Social Media Officer George Baster

American Football - Social Secretary Benjamin Nigh

American Football - Treasurer Moilinga Moilinga

American Football - Vice Chair Tom Beer

American Football - Wellbeing Officer Rhys Davies

Archery - Equipment Officer Amiko Howell

Archery - Secretary Charlotte Deal

Archery - Treasurer Jess Martin

Archery - Wellbeing Officer Aaisha Mulla

Badminton - Chairperson Divyansh Singh

Badminton - Secretary Fayaz Ahamed

Badminton - Treasurer Jay Hemutkumar

Barbell - Chairperson Sam Walker

Barbell - Secretary Ben Lord (Lordy)

Barbell - Treasurer Ellie Makin

Barbell - Wellbeing Officer Paolo Jesse Nwia Azane

Basketball - Chairperson Twig Smalley

Basketball - Wellbeing Officer Arjan Liddar

Boxing - Wellbeing Officer iyanu Adenuga

Boxing - Treasurer Hesam Sheikh

Cheerleading - Chairperson Hattie Dawe

Cheerleading - Treasurer Lauren Riley-White

Cheerleading - Wellbeing Officer tinashe Ndoro

Christian Union - Chairperson Alpha Balole

Christian Union - Event Coordinator Ewan Fabrice Lawen

Christian Union - Publicity Officer Meg Warren

Christian Union - Secretary Rufaro Dziva

Christian Union - Treasurer Aidan Jackson

Christian Union - Wellbeing Officer Amber Jones

Climbing - Chairperson Jess Lumb

Climbing - Social Secretary Iden Coop

Climbing - Treasurer Fin Chalkley

Creative Writing Society - Chairperson Matthew Butler

Dance Society - Chairperson Nat Dawson

Dance Society - Events Officer Amy Moody-Smith

Dance Society - Secretary Tess Jevons

Dance Society - Social Media Officer Megan Noble

Dance Society - Social Secretary Olivia Keates

Dance Society - Treasurer Ellie Strain

Dance Society - Vice Chair Erin Shackleton

Dance Society - Wellbeing Officer Mikey O'Driscoll

Demon Media - Chairperson Evan Alexiou

Demon Media - Demon FM - Station Manager Angel Dara Garvey-Hendrickson

Demon Media - Treasurer Bronze Sparks

Dodgeball - Chairperson Andrew Sullivan

Dodgeball - Wellbeing Officer Dan Storrie

Dodgeball - Secretary Laura Gilde-Young

Dodgeball - Treasurer Michael Headland

Drama Society - Chairperson Jessica Leigh

Drama Society - Secretary Sam Rattigan

Drama Society - Treasurer Cameron Flynn-Squires

Drama Society - Wellbeing Officer Aether Ellis

Engineering Society - Secretary Abdulatif Shaik

Equestrian - Chairperson Farnaz Sayani

Equestrian - Wellbeing Officer Emma Morgan

Equestrian - Rider Coordinator Emma Hudson

Equestrian - Social Secretary Sofia Fullwood

Equestrian - Treasurer Georgia Booty

E-Sports Society - Vice Chairperson Max Khudoev

E-Sports Society - Wellbeing Officer Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)

Football (Men's) - Charity Secretary Charlie Males

Football (Men's) - Wellbeing Officer Corey Donovan

Football (Men's) - Secretary joel Samuel-Macey

Football (Men's) - Social Secretary Josh Gaunt

Football (Men's) - Treasurer Santino La-Band

Football (Men's) - Vice Chairperson Tom Brookes

Football (Women's) - Chairperson Liv Steel

Football (Women's) - Wellbeing Officer Chloe Mackie

Football (Women's) - Secretary Maisie Cole

Football (Women's) - Social Secretary Meg Oldham

Football (Women's) - Treasurer Cassidy Tacey

Football (Women's) - Vice Chairperson Mia O'Connor

Forensic Science Society - Chairperson Vanessa Delgado Lopes

Game Society - Chairperson Kye Hollowood

Game Society - Secretary Primrose Jordan

Game Society - Treasurer James Jenkinson

Game Society - Wellbeing Officer Rita Holbok

Hackers - Chairperson Jack Wright

Hackers - Secretary Dilan Goodwin

Hackers - Treasurer Orlin Lyon

Hackers - Wellbeing Officer Adam Welbourne

Hindu - Chairperson Manav Vyas

Hindu - Public Relations Officer Naavyen Patel

Hindu - Sanskaar Co-Ordinator Moksh Suchak

Hindu - Secretary Saloni Vaghela

Hindu - Treasurer Hetvi Patel

Hindu - Wellbeing Officer Nital Patel

Hockey - Media Officer Alys Peake-Jones

Hockey - Social Secretary Immy Lock

Hockey - Treasurer Nathan Davies

Hockey - Wellbeing Officer (Men's) Shivam Desai

Hockey - Wellbeing Officer (Women's) Flo Kimber

Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defence - Chairperson Tristan Corn

Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defence - Wellbeing Officer Lauren Downing

Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defence - Treasurer Carolina Diel

Karting - Chairperson Michal Okonski

Karting - Wellbeing Officer Adam McDavitt

Karting - Secretary Daniel Gray

Karting - Treasurer Dan Howe

Korean Culture Society - Chairperson Tabitha Chiriseri

Korean Culture Society - Dance Teacher Izzy Dodge

Korean Culture Society - Events Manager Austeja Zigmantaviciute

Korean Culture Society - Publicity Officer Ellie Cook

Korean Culture Society - Secretary Gabriela Lucas Vinuela

Korean Culture Society - Treasurer Hannah Till

Korean Culture Society - Wellbeing Officer Merrion Clark

Lacrosse - Chairperson Hannah Lines

Lacrosse - Wellbeing Officer Charlotte Mercer

Lacrosse - Secretary Samantha Dunn

Lacrosse - Social Secretary (Men's) James Bradshaw

Lacrosse - Social Secretary (Women's) Maya Parker

Lacrosse - Vice Chair (Women's) Angelyn Mercado

Lacrosse - Wellbeing Officer Kieran Browning

Law and Mooting Society - Chairperson Hannah Wheeler

Law and Mooting Society - Secretary Izzy Mansfield

Law and Mooting Society - Treasurer Maddie Burgess

Law and Mooting Society - Wellbeing Officer Sehare Shezad

LGBTQ+ Society - Chairperson Matthew Clarke

LGBTQ+ Society - Secretary Zephyr Saunby

LGBTQ+ Society - Treasurer Jamie Vaughan

Medieval Re-enactment - Chairperson Hollie Roe

Medieval Re-enactment - Treasurer Alice Green

Music Society - Chairperson Danielle Zeelie

Music Society - Secretary Nai Seja

Music Society - Social Secretary Georgia Guest

Music Society - Treasurer Lilli Bellamy

Music Society - Wellbeing Officer Benjamin Leatherbarrow

Netball - Chairperson Hannah Wheaton

Netball - Kit Secretary Diana Batista Hasanovic

Netball - Media Officer Connie King

Netball - Secretary Kirsten Williams

Netball - Social Secretary Georgia Plumb

Netball - Treasurer Paige Baldwin

Netball - Vice Chairperson Amelia Reed

Nintendo - Chairperson Patrick Relvao Cecilio

Nintendo - Treasurer Jasmine Patel

Nintendo - Wellbeing Officer Genesis Young

Nursing Society - Treasurer Ashmiat Afolabi

Pole Fitness - Chairperson Lucy Hodgson

Pole Fitness - Media Officer Amy Newman

Pole Fitness - Social Secretary Paige Wignall

Pole Fitness - Wellbeing Officer Anastasia Hipkiss

Rock and Metal Society - Chairperson Amber Gibbs

Rock and Metal Society - Equality Officer Rosie Stephenson

Rock and Metal Society - Treasurer Ethan Galpin

Rock and Metal Society - Vice Chairperson Snow Coe

Rock and Metal Society - Wellbeing Officer Kieran Harrison

Rowing - Chairperson Andrew Pimenta

Rowing - Secretary Sophie Mundy

Rowing - Wellbeing Officer Lizzie Webster

Rugby (Men's) - Chairperson Lewis Bradbury

Rugby (Men's) - Charity Secretary Ben Dolman

Rugby (Men's) - Media Secretary Will Parkes

Rugby (Men's) - Secretary Charlie Warne

Rugby (Men's) - Treasurer Rhys Betley

Rugby (Men's) - Wellbeing Officer Ollie Barr

Rugby (Women's) - Chairperson Katie Cotton

Rugby (Women's) - Secretary Alice Guyett

Rugby (Women's) - Social Secretary Lizzy Richardson

Rugby (Women's) - Wellbeing Officer Niamh Short

Running & Athletics - Chairperson Lucy Davies

Running & Athletics - Head of Athletics Carlo Olivas

Running & Athletics - Secretary Lauren Sykes

Snow Sports - Chairperson George Morland

Snow Sports - Secretary Heidi Walmsley

Snow Sports - Social Secretary Connie Bulgin

Snow Sports - Treasurer Hannah FitzGerald

Snow Sports - Wellbeing Officer Charlie Smith

Swimming/Triathlon - Chairperson Ella Farnsworth

Swimming/Triathlon - Secretary Lucy Rose

Swimming/Triathlon - Treasurer Isabelle Ward

Tae Kwon Do - Chairperson Paula Uljanica

Tae Kwon Do - Secretary Maria Pasinato

Tae Kwon Do - Treasurer Titas Maciunas

Tae Kwon Do - Wellbeing Officer Raheemah Nazir Nathvani

Trampolining - Chairperson Emily Bennison

Trampolining - Competition Secretary Glorianne Lepeya

Trampolining - Secretary Holly Page

Trampolining - Social Secretary Teodor Stoykov

Trampolining - Treasurer Ella Tilney

Trampolining - Wellbeing Officer Ellie Harris

Volleyball - Chairperson Max Oxman

Volleyball - Secretary Alexandra Nunez

Volleyball - Wellbeing Officer Nikola Gavrilova


It is encouraging to see that 190 roles have been filled within the 117 groups. However, there are still 390 vacant roles that need to be filled. Therefore, a bye-election and second round of voting will be conducted in the coming weeks. This will provide student groups with a final opportunity to fill the essential core committee roles of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Wellbeing Officer.

Since these roles are crucial for the continuity of a group into the next academic year, they will be the only positions available for filling during the upcoming bye-election. This means that not all groups will have roles up for election and can begin preparing for the next year.

Congratulations to all the winners. We encourage anyone considering participating in the bye-election to speak with the current committee for more information on the process. A complete list of all student groups can be found here.