Looking back at Katie’s past year at DSU

Looking back at Katie’s past year at DSU

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It’s time for us to say goodbye to our Welfare Executive 2019/20, Katie Hobbs.

It’s been a wonderful year at DSU with Katie as she worked to improve student wellbeing, supported students and helped to lead your students’ union.

We wish Katie the best of luck in completing her degree at De Montfort University (DMU) and hope that she stays actively involved by inspiring positive change across the university.

Watch Katie's goodbye message:

Katie has worked extremely hard to represent all students at DMU and put student wellbeing first. Over the past academic year she has achieved a lot, including;

Working with the Welfare and Equality Zone and attending Student Council

Katie attended all Welfare and Equality Zone meetings where members would discuss matters regarding student housing, sexual and mental health and equality. Matters discussed in the Zones were then taken to the Student Council - the largest student-led democratic body. Here, Katie represented DMU students, shared her aims and listened to ways she could improve the student journey.

Setting up the Zen Zone

One of Katie’s goals whilst she was in her position as Welfare Executive, was to create a safe space for students on campus where they could go to and relax. As the hustle and bustle of the Campus Centre can be quite overwhelming, Katie created a space called the Zen Zone – a quiet relaxing space for students to study, learn and enjoy. This will forever be a reminder of Katie’s hard work and time spent as part of the DSU Officer Team.

Organising the Winter Meal

Katie organised a winter meal for all DMU students who wouldn’t be going home for the winter break. The winter break can be a very lonely time and Katie wanted to create a welcoming environment for students to socialise and feel supported. Free meals were given out to all attendees and we had a brilliant turnout.

Introducing a Drugs Policy

Katie worked on a new Drugs Policy which was passed at the Student Council in January. At DSU we do not condone illegal drugs but want to create a safe environment for all students. Katie’s new Drugs Policy takes into account different situations and aims to support all students. During her time, Katie has worked to reduce the risks associated with drugs by educating students and staff.

Focusing on the wellbeing of students

The wellbeing of all DMU students has been Katie’s priority for the past year, particularly in light of recent events. Recently she has worked with all the Executive Officers to write an open letter to all student landlords, worked in collaboration with the university on another open letter to student landlords and was in contact with our local MP to raise student’s concerns and accommodation issues. During this time of uncertainty, Katie has been pulling together positive news to share every week as part of a series called Positivi-tea News. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, she felt that it was important to keep morale up and that we share more happy news going on around the world.


Sharing during Mental Health Awareness Week

Katie created online content for Mental Health Awareness Week to help student wellbeing. This included her top wellbeing tips and her best smoothie recipe cards. Raising awareness of mental health is incredibly important and encouraging conversation was a key objective for Katie. To encourage open discussion and sharing, Katie liaised with students to gather tips on how they have been looking after themselves during lockdown.

You can find more of Katie’s achievements here.

Katie said, “I want to say one last thank you to everyone at DSU for helping me learn and grow as a person as I now go to finish my final year of university.

Having the opportunity to represent students has been incredible and I am grateful that this helped me meet so many amazing people that I otherwise, never would have. I am now looking forward to being a more engaged student and applying all the knowledge I have gained.

I also have to acknowledge the amazing work my fellow Executive Officers have done and will continue to do, as well as wish the best of luck to Joanna and Ben as they start the journey, I am now finishing.”

Katie has been an asset to DSU, and we wish her all of the best with her future endeavours.


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