Laura’s fight for the no detriment policy

Laura’s fight for the no detriment policy

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Your Academic Executive, Laura Flowers, has persuaded De Montfort University (DMU) to commit to a no detriment policy.

DMU have been working with Laura and have now implemented a no-detriment policy with the aim to recognise the value of the marks that you have already achieved.

As long as you take your exams, submit your remaining assessments and pass them, your end of year mark will not be lower than your already-achieved overall mark in a module. Your marks can also be improved if you do well in your exams and assessments.

However, there are some professional qualifications that cannot benefit from this policy due to external regulatory requirements. DMU will provide more information on this as soon as they can.

De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) is here to represent students’ academic interests and that is exactly what we are doing. Laura has been working with DMU relentlessly to ensure that students will receive the best marks that they can under these unique circumstances.

Laura Flowers tells us “I was really pleased to see the commitment to a no-detriment policy by DMU as it means that our students who are working so hard in an environment they’re not used to, worrying about things we never in a million dreams would have thought of, get a chance.

“Some of you may be still working as key workers on the front line helping communities to get through this. Some of you have gained additional care responsibilities or are trying to balance studying from home in a packed household and some of you may be away from home worrying about how your loved ones are.

“I didn’t want for this situation to have an unnecessary impact on your degree, as you’re all doing wonderful things and it’s a bizarre situation for us all.”

We understand that the no detriment policy has raised lots of queries and concerns for some, so please be assured that DMU are working to get further information out to you as quickly as they can. Make sure you check Blackboard and the FAQs regularly for new updates.  If you have specific queries, please contact your personal tutor or module leader.

Laura added “Obviously, the details for this are still being decided, however I am in some of those conversations and I will continue to fight to ensure that students are the priority and we are still listening to the student voice.

“Thank you to those who were able to use their voice in this, who signed the petitions and sent me their thoughts regarding it- you should be very proud of yourselves.

“I know we aren’t there yet with the details, but I hope this puts ease on some of your worries and helps you get through your remaining assessments.

We’ll get through the rest of this together.”

Students who require a deferral or an extension can still submit requests and DMU will shortly publish information about this.

In DMU’s statement, they inform us that “Getting this process right will be complicated and will require a lot of thinking and calculating in order to figure out the best way to achieve it. We will give ourselves enough time to do this. We will communicate with you as soon as we have more detailed information.”

Read the official DMU statement regarding the no detriment policy here.

Students can also keep themselves up to date with what the university is doing for those affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) here.




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