Looking back at Langar On Campus

Looking back at Langar On Campus

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A guest article by the DMU Sikh Society

Every year we do an event called Langar On Campus. The term langar means “free kitchen” as the first guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji established the giving of free food to the public (Langar). The main principles of langar are; fighting hunger, equality in action and teaching compassion.

Langar has always been free of charge and is run by volunteers of the gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) and local community through donations given to the gurdwara. Regardless of race, caste and religion langar is open to everyone. There are many services which provide langar across the whole country i.e. Guru Nanaks Mission, Midlands Langar Seva Society and Langar aid.

During this event, we represent our religion by creating an actual experience of being within the gurdwara. To show respect to our Guru we always cover our heads when we arrive at the gurdwara hence we ask everyone to cover their heads and wash their hands before we serve them. Once you are served, we will continue to make sure you feel welcome and provide you with anything you may need. Langar On Campus allows us to engage with the students and staff, and gives us a chance to answer any questions you may have about our society or our beliefs.

Langar On Campus always brings the community together as previously stated regardless of race. As Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji said; “Recognise the human race as one”.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are not allowed to have Langar On Campus, but we would love to see you at our virtual events. Keep updated through our social media pages;

Instagram: @DMUSikhSoc

Facebook: DMU Sikh Society




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