Join us for Womxn in STEM!

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Womxn in STEM is a campaign being launched on Wednesday 27 November to celebrate and inspire women to experiment with the STEM subjects. The day will be full of events for De Montfort University (DMU) students to attend.

There is a stigma around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers which imply that men dominate in the more academic focused jobs covered under the acronym.

Only 22% of people working in STEM careers in 2018 were womxn, according to national data that STEM Women collated. It’s clear from these statistics that the STEM industries are male dominated.

Feminist movements are becoming more and more empowering over time and there is a push to break the stereotype that womxn can be just as successful in STEM careers than men.

The De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Officer Team have been working on a campaign - Womxn in STEM, to celebrate and inspire womxn to experiment with the STEM subjects. As part of the campaign there will be a day full of events for DMU students to attend on Wednesday 27 November.

This is a campaign which is part of a bigger umbrella campaign named You Do You. More information on You Do You will be coming soon! It is also under the Give it a Go campaign which launches Tuesday 26 November.

A little confused about the spelling? We asked Union Development Executive Kate Askew about it and she told us “We decided to use womxn instead of women to explicitly include ALL women including transgender women and women of colour.”

When discussing the campaign, Kate said “This campaign is for students to feel empowered but also for students just to try something new and explore possibilities they maybe hadn’t considered before.

“The purpose of the day is to acknowledge those trailblazers who broke glass ceilings meaning that the prospect of working in STEM is a lot more attainable, but also the need for this national day just shows that we are not quite there yet, and highlights the importance of seeing yourself represented in these industries.”

On 27 November, there will be plenty of workshops, talks and events for you to attend. Please see a schedule for the day on our Facebook page.




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