‘Feeling Blue? DSU are here for you!’

‘Feeling Blue? DSU are here for you!’

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"Feeling Blue, We're Here for You" - DSU Blue Monday Banner

Today is Blue Monday, known to be the gloomiest day of the year. The weather is cold, the festivities are over and the return to “normal” life begins... as normal as it can be with covid! 

While you are starting to ease back into university life and begin the new year, we at DSU want to check in this Blue Monday and remind you to not give in to New Year Pressures! 


New Year, New Me!  

This year you may have set a new year's resolution for 2022 to do something different or achieve something new. It is great to participate in this festive tradition, but it is equally great to make your resolutions achievable and realistic to ensure you encounter no disappointment!  

‘Go to the gym every day’, ‘No more takeaways’, ‘Stop over thinking’ or ‘Go to bed early’ are some of the most popular reoccurring new year traditions! Often these are the ones that people fail within the first week, because they are not realistic.  

Here are DSU’s Top Tips for making positive, motivational new year's resolutions: 

  • Make it specific 

  • Take small steps  

  • Consider realistic time frames  

  • Allow it to be achievable 

  • Make room for improvements 

  • Allow space for the occasional cheat day! 

  • Share it with a loved one 

  • Do it because you want to not because you feel you should 


Combining these within your resolutions can alleviate some pressure and allow you to stay motivated to complete your resolution/s.  

Feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with your positive change.  

New Year, New Goals, New Excitement! 



It is highly likely covid may be contributing to the Blue Monday feels...  

We are in uncertain times and it is tough. DSU understand the difficulties and struggles covid places on university students as well as general life, family, friends and society.  

The uncertainty of ever-changing restrictions, protocols and variants has become a sign of the times and ultimately a DRAINING EXPERIENCE for all. Feeling, exhausted, confused, anger, disappointment or unease regarding covid? This is ok and very much normal, you are not alone! 

Don’t push or put pressure on yourself to feel a certain way. It is ok to have up and down days. 

You can access information regarding COVID-19 at DMU here 


Settling back into a routine 

With the festivities coming to a close and the Spring term kick starting you may be feeling a mixture of emotions! Nervs, stress or overwhelming dread of upcoming deadlines... Sound familiar? Don’t worry, as this is the case for many students.  

It may take a week or two to feel academically warmed up and back in the zone! Give yourself some time and ty to ease yourself back in. 

Take small steps planning your assignments, make a note of upcoming hand ins and check out DSU Study Survival Set to support you in feeling academically confident. If you need support with your assignments or exams check out the Library Learning Services resources! 



Make time to check in on your wellbeing, you are important!  

With New Year symbolising change and a new start, this can put pressure on many individuals physical and mental wellbeing.  

Don’t forget about your mental and physical wellbeing when trying to achieve certain goals. Ensure you have space and time to priorities you and your needs. ‘Self-care is not selfish you cannot pour from an empty cup’ 

Remind yourself, change takes time and you are not expected to all of a sudden feel ok because it’s a ‘New Year’. It is ok not to be ok. This year you may wish to take control of your wellbeing and access the vast amount of support available at DMU and externally to anyone struggling who needs a helping hand. 

You can access support via: 



There are many reasons as to why a New Year can be exciting and overwhelming and as we step into 2022 we wish you all the success for new Spring term and finally, we at DSU want to remind you if you are feeling blue, DSU are here for you! 

Bring on 2022! 


DSU Advice and Wellbeing Team 

DSU Opportunities  


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