DSU Freshers Week voted into the top 5 by YOU

DSU Freshers Week 2020 voted into the top 5 by YOU

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) has made it into the top 5 for the best Freshers’ week for the second year running!

Thanks to your feedback, Student Hut has announced that we have been named as number 4 on their list of Best 10 Freshers’ Weeks for 2020.

We have enjoyed reading why you love our Freshers weeks. You can read student experiences and find their tips for future students in 2020 here.

One student said that “Freshers was one of the best moments of my life…The experience is amazing.”

At DSU we work to be inclusive and are always looking for ways to ensure that everybody can enjoy themselves. We’re happy to see several comments saying that we put on “a lot of diverse activities for everyone that were really fun and interesting!”.

We understand that the moving process can be difficult and try our best to help every student settle in well.

As one student mentioned, Freshers is a “fantastic week to meet friends for life”. Plenty of students expressed how much they loved meeting new people and having fun with both old and new friends.

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Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive, Aisha Ismail, said “We’re so pleased to be in the Top 5 for Student Hut's top Freshers Weeks for 2020.

For us Freshers is about welcoming students to the next chapter of their lives and making the process as easy and fun as possible! 

We work really hard to create a sense of belonging for each and every one of our students and it’s nice to see that all our hard work and effort is being appreciated. 

Your words motivate us to continue doing what we’re doing and to make Freshers better each year, so thank you.”




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