Balance the budget and eat well with Yummy Sundays

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We know it can be hard to balance a student budget with eating well. And that’s before you think about the tonne of deadlines you’ve got coming up!

That’s why here at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) we’re launching a new series of videos to provide cheap and easy recipe ideas for students at De Montfort University (DMU).

Our Yummy Sundays videos will be featured across our social media channels each Sunday during the campaign masterminded by Mollie Footitt, DP Education at DSU.

She said: “I really like cooking, and watching recipe videos myself, so thought we could do something similar for students at DMU. Plus, I wanted to do something alongside my other responsibilities as DP Education that still counts as learning.

“Yummy Sundays are short, little videos for you to watch on your phone – or wherever – to give you some inspiration, and to show how easy it is to make cheap and relatively healthy meals as a student.”

The series will feature some of the favourite dishes from members of our Officer Team and beyond.

The first edition of Yummy Sundays will launch this Sunday 3 December across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, so keep your eyes peeled for what Mollie describes as one of her signature dishes…

The Yummy Sundays campaign has been masterminded by Mollie Footitt, DP Education at DSU.



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