A statement from your Executive Officers

Executive Officer Statement - Spiking

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a statement from your executive officers

We are aware of the recent national and local coverage that has surrounded nightlife throughout the country. Having spent time speaking to students at DMU we understand the concerns that surround the various reports of spiking and other behaviours impacting how safe you are feeling.

First and foremost, spiking is illegal and the blame lies entirely with the people who are involved in the action of spiking. This includes people who witness or know about it, but do not report it. It is never the fault of the person who has been spiked.

If you see anyone or know anyone who is involved in any activity that creates an unsafe environment, makes people feel uncomfortable, or is illegal, like, in the case of spiking, we encourage you to report them to the relevant people as soon as possible.

In any venue, your first point of contact will be to reach out to venue staff. If you need to, then call 999 and speak to the police as soon as you can.

Here at De Montfort Students’ Union, we want to reassure you that your safety is a priority and it is something that, along with all our commercial partners, we take incredibly seriously.

We always put in place a number of preventative measures at all our events to best ensure your safety.

At De Montfort Students’ Union events staff are trained in how to deal with a variety of concerns and issues that may arise. Our bar staff are well trained and we provide specialist security. There is also always a paramedic on-site for immediate medical care on the very rare occasion that it is needed.

Upon entry, security have the right to search people and refuse entry where they see fit.

In the event that something does happen, or you suspect something has happened to you or someone you are with, please seek help as soon as possible. Staff and security are always on hand.

If medical attention is required then do not hesitate to request an on-site first aider, go straight to a hospital or call 999.

No one should feel unsafe and everybody has the right to enjoy themselves.

 - Your Executive Officers


In case of an emergency, you can contact:

Emergency Numbers

999 – UK Emergency Services
If you require urgent emergency support in the UK

112 – European Emergency Services
If you require urgent emergency support in Europe

101 – Police non-emergency
24/7 telephone Police support for reporting incidents which are not an emergency

111 – NHS non-emergency
24/7 telephone medical support if you cannot wait to see a doctor and it is not an emergency

0116 2577642 – DMU Security
The DMU Security team are here to ensure you feel safe on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week · Email: security@dmu.ac.uk. · Face to Face: Security reception is available within the Estates Services Building, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

0800 40 50 40 – British Transport Police
If you see something suspicious while traveling report it to the British Transport Police.


In an emergency always call 999.


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