Officer Team heading to New York to deliver incredible FREE events

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s Officer Team will once again be making student life unforgettable when more than 1,000 De Montfort University (DMU) students and staff head to the Big Apple in January.

Members of our Officer Team, including President of DSU Ahtesham Mahmood, will be heading to New York alongside hundreds of final-year students to deliver a number of additional FREE activities organised by their students’ union.

The events come after the success of similar activities held during last year’s mass #DMUglobal trips to both New York and Berlin.

Ahtesham, who was also part of the team last time around as VP Student Activities, said: “We will be offering free trips to three iconic locations in New York just as last year, when students absolutely loved them.

“This is about making sure students have the opportunity to experience the city without it hitting their pocket. It’s a great chance to make new friends as well, and actually learn about the city and not just get dazzled by it all.”

Ahtesham headed to New York last time around as VP Student Activities at DSU, before being elected as President of DSU in March.

The Officer Team will serve as tour guides as they take hundreds of students to see the Brooklyn Bridge, Little Italy and Chinatown, and the city’s famed linear park, the High Line.

“These trips will be adding two things to the student experience; one will be to learn about the city, and how its culture has grown over the years, and secondly it is to help people branch out within the student community,” Ahtesham explained.

“Our students will be going on academic trips as well, but the SU-organised events will bring together students from different schools of thought together and is just about creating those memories.”

#DMUglobal trips enable students to enrich studies, broaden their cultural horizons and develop key skills valued by employers.

The university’s last mass #DMUglobal trip, to the German capital of Berlin, saw diverse course-related visits ranging from Einstein’s former observatorya former SS villa in the city’s suburbs and even the first international Be the Change event at the British Embassy.

And while the additional events we’re putting on in New York are completely FREE, due to limited spaces you’ll need to sign up first.

Ahtesham continued: “Being in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, we also want to make communicating with you as easy as possible.

“So, this year we have created a Facebook group to make sure you know what is going on while we’re away, and will also act as a social catalyst for you before the events. It’s like being a first-year student all over again!

“We don’t want anyone sitting in their hotel room just waiting for the day to tick by – get out there and do something unforgettable!”

Last year, hundreds of DMU students gathered in New York's Times Square to mark their trip. In January, more than 1,000 DMU students and staff will head to the Big Apple.



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