#LoveSUs top five reasons to Love DSU!

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Today is #LoveSUs day – a day created by NUS to shout about what there is to love about your students’ union!

We all know the biggies; sports and societies; the award-winning Demon Media and our biggest and best Freshers EVER, but what about the stuff that might go under the radar? Here are the top five reasons to love DSU that you might not know about.

  1. Did you know that your SU advises and processes visa applications for many of our international students? In fact, we’re the only place at DMU that can! We help make what can be a complicated and stressful process easy to understand and undertake – and we do it all for free!
  2. Our very own sports office organises all of your sports fixtures, transport and admin every week.  This allows you lot to be able to just get out there, play and enjoy sport at DMU. Not to mention we now have our very own facilities in the shape of the Watershed!
  3. All of your exec and part time officers work tirelessly to speak to, listen and represent DMU students wherever you’re learning. They work alongside the university to ensure improvements are made to make your DMU experience better.
  4. We’ve got our own team of full-time staff solely dedicated to giving students a voice. DSU coordinates all of the course reps and school reps – including training and regular meetings – to ensure that your course is the best it can be and to ensure that you are represented within the university!
  5. ...and last (but by no means least) all the money we make through the DSU Shop and from food and drink at Level 1 gets reinvested into all the amazing things that your Students’ Union does for you. Pretty neat, right?!

So there you have it – five reasons to love DSU that you might not even have known about. But we want to hear from you! Tweet us @demontfortsu with why you love your students’ union! Use the hashtags #LoveSUs and #LoveDSU and we’ll retweet the best.


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