DSU Book Swap Has Arrived

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Start of term is fast approaching and everyone’s mind is sent on #FreshFest15, moving into halls or new houses and meeting a load of new mates. Probably the last thing on your mind is your course books. But once the intros are all said and done, you’ll quickly be asked to invest in your course books.

That’s where our new DSU Book Swap group comes in. After your course reps told us last year that DMU students were forking out too much for new books and third year students desperately wanted a place to offload theirs, we’ve put together a group that gives DMU students a place to sell, buy and trade their books.

Amie Chapman, Deputy President Education at De Montfort Students’ Union, said: “DSU Book Swap helps students create a network of people on their course and beyond so they can trade books, share books, sell books and buy books from each other rather than paying extortionate prices for a brand new book each time. 

“It is an online group on Facebook, and students can physically donate and drop books off at DSU at any time.

“One of De Montfort University's key strategic aims is to have a ‘scholarly community’.  DSU Book Swap aims to do exactly that, but led by the students themselves.”

We’re also launching the brand spanking new Book Swap in the Kimberlin Library on the 29th September. So feel free to bring a long your old books or books you want to swap and see if you can get your hands on a bargain instead of searching through pages of Amazon hoping to stumble across one.

If you’ve got any old children’s books that you’re thinking of throwing out, William Murithi, a PhD student at DMU, will also be there collecting children’s books and fundraising for his library collection that he will send to a primary school in Kenya.

We will also be displaying all the books collected in the Lounge on Level 1 of the Campus Centre throughout the year.

Click here to head over to the DSU Book Swap and get trading.


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