Could you be our Society of the Week?

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We know that our societies do some amazing things. That’s why we’re launching Society of the Week.

Ahtesham Mahmood, VP Student Activities at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU), is rolling out the new badge of honour for societies who have held incredible events, made a change for their members or helped the wider community.

Each Society of the Week will also be awarded with £100 directly into their self-funding account.

Ahtesham said: “We have always known our societies do fantastic things, but this allows everyone to have an opportunity to shine and acknowledge the massive work and effort that they continually put into their activities.

“Plus, to have a reward of £100 that goes into their self-funding account will give societies the opportunity to do bigger and better things.”

Nominations for the first Society of the Week open on Monday 16 January and close on Friday 20 January at 4pm.

You can nominate your own society, whether you’re a society member or on the committee, on the form here.

You’ll need to submit a brief description of why you think you could be Society of the Week, and show us the impact you’ve made. Ahtesham will then collate entries and select a winner to be announced at 12pm on Monday 23 January…before it all starts again!

Going forward, nominations will open every Monday and close every Friday. Applications made can include all activity dating back one month from the close of nominations for the week.

Ahtesham explained: “I’m looking forward to societies filling in the form and explaining why they are the Society of the Week, then having a read and judging who deserves the title each week.

“When I was elected, one of my aims for the year was to raise accessibility and awareness of all of our student groups. By doing this I am hoping more students will know about all of the tremendous work that our societies do.”

The Society of the Week will also be recognised with a unique badge for each society’s page.

You can find out more about how you can get involved with societies here.

The Society of the Week will also be recognised with a unique badge for each society’s page.



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