PROFILE: Ryan Willett

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This Student Volunteering Week we’re telling the stories of just some of the fantastic volunteers at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU). Here’s Ryan Willett from the Labour Students Society


Why did you get involved in Volunteering at DSU?

I got involved with volunteering at the DSU, as it expanded my knowledge to help students in the coming years and the students who are going into extended further education. Being the Chair of Society and a Secretary, I have chosen these different roles to experience working in different environments, to expand my ways of working to accommodate peoples needs. Furthermore, being involved as Chair of Activities Council, shows that I can express opinions and successfully manage meeting and participate and control a debate, to allow the best chance of democracy to take its course within the Union. Also my involvement in the Student Education and Employability Board, allows me to channel opinions of the students, through the University for student progression.


What is the best experience you have had whilst volunteering?

My best experience of volunteering, is with the DMU Labour Society, as it allowed enjoyment of our students, but also the chance to voice student opinions in London. I feel that i fulfilled the full potential of volunteering and the gratification I got from that, allowed me to feel proud of the achievement that we held on that day, and the CND March, allowed us to campaign to the government and stand up for a freer world, without destruction and death. This is also furthered on by my commitment to stand at the Love International Vigil, which allowed me to express and show my support for those affected by the harsh realities and destructive policies that governments do as an injustice to many people.


What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering?

I would say to anyone wishing to volunteer, to go ahead and do so. The achievements that you get from this makes you more employable, interesting in terms of experiences and furthermore allows the feeling of giving back to society and providing something back to the community which helps you.

Ryan is also the elected chair of DSU's Activities Council.



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