Chloe Norman : International Students Cafe & Oxfam

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Chloe has been volunteering over the past year in a variety of different roles and in a variety of different opportunities. Chloe has been a project leader for DSU’s International Student Cafe, volunteered at Oxfam as a shop assistant and took part in the Oxjam takeover day. Chloe has been excellent volunteer all year and talks about her volunteering highlights...

Why did you get involved in Volunteering at DSU?

Initially I got involved in volunteering because one of the modules on my course required me to do 50 hours’ worth. However, I have really enjoyed my experience and so I have continued to volunteer even after completing the 50 hours.

What is the best experience you have had whilst volunteering?

For me the best experience has been meeting people from different backgrounds and especially from different cultures; finding out about what their culture is like and what they have found strange about the British culture, as often hearing about the British culture from someone who is new or unfamiliar with it makes you realise that actually some of the British customs are strange and so much different to others from different areas of the World!

While I have enjoyed the experience and have met some amazing people and made some great friends through this experience, I feel that one of the most beneficial aspects of the experience is that it has helped me to come out of my shell and come out of my comfort zone

What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering?

I would highly recommend volunteering because if you can find a volunteering position that suits you, or one you think you could adapt to, you not only enjoy it and feel proud that you have helped out in some way, but you also develop and gain many transferable skills. Also I have found that volunteering with DSU has opened up opportunities that I did not realise were available.


If Chloe's story of volunteering has inspired you, then visit DSU Volunteering and see what you can get involved in today.



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