Code of Conduct

De Montfort University Students’ Union

Membership Code of Conduct

1.0 Purpose

The following code of conduct has been ratified by the De Montfort University Students’ Union (DSU) Board of Trustees and sets out the minimum standards of conduct and behaviour expected by all members.

2.0 Introduction

2.1. DSU aims to provide all of its members with the support and guidance they need to achieve success. The Membership Code of Conduct sets out the standard of conduct the Union expects of its members and that it believes is consistent with helping the overall membership get the most from their student experience.

2.2. The Membership Code of Conduct comprises:

2.2.1 The Membership Code of Conduct

2.2.2 The disciplinary procedure the Union uses for dealing with alleged breaches of the Membership Code of Conduct

2.3. This Code does not apply to the conduct of staff towards members of DSU.

2.4. For purposes of the Code a ‘member’ subject to this code shall include a member of any club, group and/or society operated by, or operating within, DSU and which would otherwise be held accountable through their committee members, either individually or collectively to the University.

2.5. DSU and the Board of Trustees have an ongoing responsibility to their membership as a whole and therefore have the right to suspend or terminate membership if in the event, a member’s conduct is found to be in breach of this code, or any part thereof.

2.6 Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct constitutes misconduct and may result in students being referred to the University’s disciplinary procedures

3.0 Membership Code of Conduct

3.1 The following shall constitute misconduct under the Membership Code of Conduct:

Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, abusive or offensive behaviour to any student, employee of De Montfort Students’ Union or the University or  any visitor to the University or any member of the local community.

Abusive, threatening or offensive language (verbal or written – including social media websites) to any student, employee of De Montfort Students’ Union or the University or  any visitor to the University or any member of the local community.

Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on Union or University  premises;

Harassment, including racial or sexual harassment and harassment on the grounds of disability of any student, employee of De Montfort Students’ Union or the University or any visitor to the University

Damage to, or defacement of, Union or University  property or the local community caused intentionally or recklessly Misuse or unauthorised use of University premises or items of property (including computer misuse,  fire alarms or fire extinguishers)

Failure to comply with the Union Financial Regulations and with any decision on the use of Union funds made by a properly constituted body of the Union.

Failure to comply with the Union Regulations for conduct of elections and meetings. Behaviour which could bring the Union or the University into disrepute;

Failure to report, within 14 days, any criminal conviction or any driving licence penalties, for any member that is responsible for driving any vehicle for and on the Union’s behalf\ Failure to abide by Union and University policies and procedures

4.0 Club / Society Membership Code of Conduct

In addition to the principles outlined in section 3.0 members of Clubs, Societies and Demon Media agree to:

Compete in a manner of good sportsmanship, regardless of the nature of the competition, when representing the Union and the University in a sports fixture

Operate within the rules of the sport/activity including national guidelines which govern the sport/activity

Not use any form of peer pressure

Not carry out, take part in or promote ‘initiation’ ceremonies

Not be unduly intoxicated at any event or activity where such behaviour could be deemed unacceptable or unprofessional.

During social events to be aware of behaviour and the impact on others, particularly members of the local community.

Not to consume alcohol whilst being transported to or from any activity organised under the umbrella of the Student Group, Union or the University.

Comply with the Union financial policies governing the use of funds to clubs and societies.

Report any concerns for the health and safety or welfare of its members

5.0 Breach of Code

5.1 If DSU receives information which indicates an activity or member has breached this Code it shall, if deemed appropriate, inform the University and will then implement the DSU Disciplinary Policy for Members at the discretion of the Supervising Trustee.