Nintendo Games Night (MyUniPal)

Tuesday 01 February 2022 / 5:45pm - 9pm

Nintendo Games Night (MyUniPal)

Campus Centre Steps

This is the perfect opportunity to try a new society, play some games and have fun!


Attending as part of the MyUniPal mentee group can help if you are anxious or unsure about attending on your own or if you just want to meet a group of new people to attend events with.

Your mentee group will meet on the Campus Steps outside the Campus Centre Building at 5:45pm and attend the meeting together. You do not need to stay for the whole event, if you do not want too. If you do not wish to meet at the Steps, the event will be in Mill Studios, Room 0.24.


What is MyUniPals?

MyUniPals are students who support and help new students transition into university life and support them in going to new and exciting events.

They answer questions or queries you have about student life, Leicester, making friends etc and the fantastic thing is they have been through being new to campus, so they are the best people to answer your questions! 


You can choose to be either a mentor or a mentee.

Mentors are usually second-year students or above. As they have already been at university for at least a year, they are about to provide support and answer questions you may have about university life. They also attend and organise events for groups of students, providing them with a family face and someone to talk to.

Mentees are usually first-year students, however, anyone is welcome. Mentees can attend events organised by a mentor. This gives you a friendly face to talk or ask questions to and they can put those at ease who may be shy or nervous about attending events on their own. Being a mentee also allows you to meet other students who may be in the same position as you - new to the university and nervous about meeting new people, therefore helping you to feel less alone.

The Craft event on the 24th January 14:00 will have more information and a chance to meet MyUniPal mentors. Book a ticket here.


All events are free, however please book on so we know how many people are attending. If you have an questions, please email


£0.00 (MyUniPal Free event)