DSU Activities Room Booking Request

Room Booking Request Form

Please note room bookings for 2018/19 can not be processed by DMU Timetabling Office until after September 1. If your booking is for a room in FreshFest (Friday September 21- Sunday October 30) then you will need to submit a booking before September 1.

About You
Name of Student Group: 
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Name of Committee Member Organiser (This should be yourself)
Address of Committee Member Organiser (term time)
What Faculty are you in?: 
Contact Number: 
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(you will receive a decision about your request and if approved, the room(s) allocated via email so please make sure it’s one that you check regularly)

About Your Event
Description of the event: 
Will there be any refreshments or Catering provided Yes  No 
Will there be a charge to attend your event? Yes  No 

Are you inviting non-students/community members to attend your event? Yes  No 

(If yes then please ensure you have a register of all those attending/present at the event)

Please provide Names, Addresses and P Numbers of 3 additional Committee Members:


Your Room Request 


Number of people attending: 
Building and room preference: 
For regular bookings please give start and finish dates. (Term Time only but not Bank Holidays)

Are you expecting an external guest speaker/ host to attend your event? (If yes, please include details and fill out external guest speaker form here)
Are you running this event in collaboration with any other student group, university or external organisation?  (if so please state names here e.g UoL) 

Society Agreement
I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the conditions below 

Terms & Conditions 

Conditions of Room Bookings for Extracurricular Events
1.    Authorisation: All bookings should be authorised as following-
Type of booking and Authorising body
External bookings generating income for the University - Conf. & Catering Asst. Manager
Compass bookings for the use of the Campus Centre facilities - The Head of Catering
Student Union affiliated organisation bookings - The DSU and The Timetable Office
All other bookings - The Timetable Office

2.    Booking:
(a)    A request to book a room does not constitute a booking until it has been confirmed with the Timetable Office in writing.
(b)    Room bookings may be made by University staff only. Please note –
(i)    Profit making bookings involving the general public and booking made for external organisations must go through the Conference & Catering Assistant Manager.
(ii)    Other staff bookings involving the public are subject to clause 8.
NB: Student society/club bookings must go through the Student Union with a minimum of 2 weeks notice or 4 weeks if an external audience / external speaker will be attending the event/booking

3.    Requester’s Responsibilities: The room requester is responsible for ensuring-
(a)    The information provided is correct
(b)    The purpose of the booking is made clear and all sections on the form are completed
(c)    Other activities/users are not disturbed
(d)    Nothing is removed from and no damage is done to the room
(e)    Furniture is returned to its original layout
(f)    Compliance with conditions relating to catering (clause 6) 
(g)    Compliance with clause 8 in the case of bookings involving the public but which are not required to be made through Commercial Partnerships
(h)    Compliance with University Policy

4.    Cancellation: In the event of a booking no longer being needed please cancel it immediately 
5.    ‘Special Requirements’: Arrangements should be made with the appropriate section by the room requester immediately after the booking has been confirmed. In the event of a booking being cancelled it is the responsibility of the room requester to cancel any ‘Special Requirements’ that have been made. 
6.    Catering: The Timetable Office must be informed of any catering arrangements, which are only permitted in flat classrooms and providing the requester undertakes to- 
(a)    Ensure that all refreshments/catering is provided by University approved suppliers
(b)    Guarantee the room will be left clean and tidy, with waste disposed of as instructed.
7.    Health and Safety: The requester or their named delegate is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation booked is cleared in the event of a fire alarm or other safety alert.
8.    Liability: In the case of all bookings that are open to anyone who is not a student or staff member of DMU the conditions (a) to (c) apply- 
(a)    The requester shall take good care of and shall not cause any damage or permit or suffer any damage to be done to the accommodation or to any part or parts thereof or to any fittings, equipment or other properties  therein and shall make good pay for any damage thereto (included accidental damage) caused by any act or neglect of themselves, their servants, agents or any person resorting to the booked premises by reason of the use of the accommodation by them and shall leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition.
(b)    The University can accept no responsibility for accidents to visitors whilst on its property or for damage to or loss of visitors’ personal property, however caused and the requester shall indemnify the University in respect of such claims from such events, except where proven consequences of the University’s own negligence. Visitors are advised to check that their own insurance arrangements provide adequate cover. The University does not exclude liability for death or personal injury to the extent that it results from the University or its employee’s. 
(c)    The requester shall effect insurance covering the above mentioned risks in such sum as shall be adequate in all circumstances for the benefit of the requester and the University, and on demand to produce the policy and the last premium receipt to the University.
The booking forms signed by the external person or organisation that is making the booking must contain the above conditions. All approved DMU booking forms will contain these conditions.