Hall of Fame: Annie Green

Annie Green interviews members of the Cambridge crew ahead of The Boat Race 2015.

Year Graduated

What did you study?
English Language and Journalism

What is your fondest memory of DMU?
Lots! Student Radio Conference, nights out, socialising, meeting life long friends, bar crawls!

Where are you working today?
Global Radio

What was your role in Demon Media?
Newsreader and Entertainment Editor

How did it benefit you?
It enabled me to develop skills to directly apply to the real world and real radio stations. It was a starting ground to then build on. I learnt how to structure news bulletins, I had experience of conducting interviews and working to a tight deadline. It also gave me the opportunity to start building my broadcast voice.

What did you enjoy most about Demon Media?
I loved the experience it gave us. DMU is very fortunate to have a community licence so you knew people could be listening and you had to adopt a very professional tone. I enjoyed being a part of a team – both on the news team and also the breakfast show I read the news for. The socials were also very good!

What advice would you have for current students to help them enhance their employability?
I would always tell people to put the hours in and do as much work experience as possible. Spending your Uni holidays doing placements can seem tough at the time but it pays off so much – you learn invaluable skills that you can’t gain through just doing your degree. Plenty of people come out of University now wanting to go into journalism but without the experience they haven’t got the skills to apply to the job.

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