Sports + Societies

A History of Achievements


Sports and Societies have been a big part of the University. We have seen some marvellous and victorious victories over the years that have made us into a competitive driving force over the years. There has also been a lot of time and effort been put into these groups and the fact that they have survived and been kept going year after year is remarkable dedication by the students that have reaped the rewards and brought back success.

· This Univesity out of the Althletics club has produced two athletes who have represented England and Great Britain. H.V. Fox ran in the 880 yards for England in 1945. K.E. Johnson ran in the steeplechase at the 1952 Olympics, 1954 European games and various other internationals from 1952-1955. He also won the AAA title in 1954 

·  Before the 1983/84 season the men’s squash team had won the BPSA Team competition for the last two years.


·  The Rugby Union club was one of our most successful teams within the University. 1983-84 was one of the most successful for the Rugby Union club. The first XV won the BPSA plate final after beating Brighton poly in the semi finals and Plymouth poly in the final at Plymouth Albion RFC. The second XV came runners-up in the BPSA plate final after losing to a good Sheffield poly side.


· Our horse riding club was also triumph! We have had great success in the BPSA riding competitions over the last few years such as: 1981-82 individual (2nd); 1982-83 Team (1st); 1983-84 individuals (1st) and Team (1st)


· Started at Scraptoft campus in 1983-84 making the club 21 years old today. Their second season (1984-85) saw them improve out of all recognition, the pay-off was the shock registered on the faces of spectators at Loughborough University Tournament. Leicester Poly in the final of the plate at Loughborough and lost only after extra time to come sixth in the tournament out of fourteen teams

The Polytechnic was the first in the country to field a women’s rugby team. In 1983-84 two members of the team were invited on tour to the South of France and in 1984-85 one girl accompanied U.C.L. to Paris to play prop forward. Leicester Polytechnic ladies team featured on the ITN news while playing at Loughborough and were one of only for teams invited to participate in the Pernod Trophy at London Sunday Rugby Festival in April. 


· 2002/03 - Saw another huge development was the success of the varsity fixture with Leicester University which was staged at Leicester Tiger’s Welford road which saw a crowd of 3500.

· The same year also saw one of De Montfort’s rugby team in one of their finest displays in recent history beating Leicester 30-25

· 2003/04. The De Montfort Theatre Company is one of the largest societies at DSU and has been around for 50 years old to the present day, formed in 1966. The company puts on two shows a year and boast performances at Drury Lane and the London Palladium!



An organisation that was formed way back in 1969 in the early days of Polytechnics by a group of students who wanted to hold national football and rugby competitions. This they did and B.P.S.A. has since grown to include many more sports and to become a unified body for sport in Polytechnics. 

What Does B.P.S.A. do? 

It organises inter-polytechnic sport in a variety of activities: it organises teams to represent B.P.S.A. at national level; it provides training for polytechnic sports officers. 

What Else Does B.P.S.A. Do? 

It works as a pressure for sports. In the past B.P.S.A. has campaigned for Wednesday Afternoons to be kept free for sport activities. This has continued up to this very day and sport is played on a Wednesday afternoon, with the University trying its best to comprise student’s timetables around sport activities. B.P.S.A also helped to improve sport facilities in some polytechnics; was instrumental in allowing full-time students to play both amateur Rugby League and Rugby Union. It is one of the major forces working together with N.U.S. for one student sports organisation in higher education.   




-          Indian Society – formed 1974 – 41 years old

-          Pakistan Society – formed in 1979 – 36 years old

-          Chinese Society - 7 years old in 1991 – 23 years old today

-          Squash Club - The men’s team won the 1991 BSPA final and the Women’s team came runners up.

-          Women’s Football - Established 1992, making it 23 years old

-          1991/92 - Netball - runners-up in the Midlands section of the BSSA

-          1997/8 Cricket club- Last year was the first full year of proper organised cricket at DMU. The first team have been promoted to a higher division for the coming season and are in the semi finals of the cup          

-          Jazz appreciation formed 1956

-          Motoring club formed 1958