It's Not Your Fault

Rape is never, ever, the fault of the victim.

Victims are not attacked for what they are wearing, where they are, what they like and dislike, or what their personal beliefs are. Rape is an act of power and aggression and is a crime punishable by imprisonment for life. Rape is never an act of love or passion- no one who truly loves you will force you into doing something you do not wish to do.

If you did not give clear consent to a sexual act, this is considered assault. Clear consent means you have clearly agreed to sexual activity with a person. The absence of a ‘yes’ for whatever reason (being asleep, passing out, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, ill, etc.) is a ‘no’, no matter what the situation is. You do have had to say ‘no’ specifically for you to make it clear that you do not wish to engage in sexual activity.

If you need any help, advice, or support, or if you just don’t know what to do next, we strongly suggest you contact a campus based, local, or national organisation who will be able to provide the attention you require.