VP Student Activities Candidate

My name is Amy and I’m currently a third year Psychology student. In addition to my studies I’ve been a committee member for the Psychology Society since its inception in my first year by myself and some of my cohort, firstly I served as assistant treasurer and currently as treasurer, in addition to this being a member of the Creative Writing society since first year and the LGBT+ society since second year. I understand through first-hand experience how much things like societies and activities outside of courses can help enhance the university experience and help people to develop throughout their university career. As someone who is also disabled (Aspie) I understand at least one of the barriers that may hinder people when it comes to getting involved and want to try help those who may feel they have to be left out in some way.

I am standing for this role because I would like to help to encourage students to take part in activities outside of their courses and help facilitate the range of activities that students may want to take part in. I’m interested helping the societies, and by extension the sports as these can be important factors in student life because university and university life is about more than just a degree, it’s a part of it but not the whole thing.

If I get voted into the role I would do whatever I could helping students to get involved in whatever activities outside of their course that they would like to do as well as trying to help student groups as well, possibly such as in getting access to the facilities and space that they need. Also if possible I would try to allow students, that would like to, to come talk to me about any concerns or issues that they may have about getting involved and try to find ways around these issues.