VP Student Activities Candidate

My name is Abi Colebrook and I am hoping to gain your vote to become Vice President Student Activities. I have engaged in Societies, Sports and Volunteering in all 3 years of my studies. Having been a receptionist for 2 years at DSU, I have knowledge of issues that students have experienced and so in this role I will endeavor to improve your student experience so that it is the best it can possibly be.

My Experience:

  • I am a member of Music Society and Netball
  • Health and Safety Officer for Netball 15/16
  • Captain of Vipers Varsity Squad 2017
  • Receptionist of the DSU for 2 years
  • Created a successful charity event in RAG week 2016
  • Student Rep in my first year.

Main 3 Point Plan:

1.   A DSU app - Create an app with an interactive calendar, in which sports, societies, and volunteering groups can advertise events. Each person with the app would get reminders of ‘What’s On Today’.

2.   RAG Representative - Introduce this committee position for all student groups. The rep would run charity events throughout the year to raise as much money as possible for charity. All the reps to work together to conclude the year with a Charity Ball to celebrate volunteering accomplishments whilst raising money for charity at the same time.

3.   International engagement - Create WorldFest, where all international students and cultural societies can take over the SU with food stalls, vibrant events and activities promoting DMU’s proud diversity.

A few more points:

  • Help societies to feel as equally supported as sports teams.
  • Re-freshers Sports and Societies Fair. September shouldn’t be the only opportunity for you to get involved.
  • Committee workshops providing information about funding applications to give the process clarity

So for a truly engaged, inclusive community vote Abi C #1 and make your vote COUNT