President Candidate

I am an English Language with Creative Writing third-year student looking to run for the role as President of the Students' Union.

I believe I have a hardworking ethic and this has allowed me to enjoy being Head Boy of my sixth-form and now the Co-chairperson of the Demon Theatre Society; making changes but also having an influence on students’ lives. My focus in life has always been to aid others and do what I can to make people happy, and I hope that I can continue to do this as part of the DSU. I enjoy the arts, sports, and socialising with friends and these are all key components of a student’s university life; having this experience will hopefully mean I am in a position to support student needs.

I am also a local student who feels passionate about representing my university, my city, my home.

My key focus for my campaign is to offer opportunities to all as many may not be aware of them. We have the incredible Unitemps to aid students but I aim to take that further and establish a relationship with local businesses, particularly shops and restaurants in and around the Highcross, for job vacancies and opportunities, hopefully both part-time and graduate/career opportunities.

I also would like to see a closer nit student body, finding more activities and opportunities for all students to be a part of. I would like to use the newly built Multipurpose Venue in the Campus Centre as a hub for entertainment. I aim to hold bi-weekly comedy and gig nights - not only for rising DMU talents but also for external live professional acts.

Student voice is at the heart of my focus, and after discussing with several students I have the impression that many students are unaware of what the SU does. I aim to have a transparent Students Union where all students know: what exactly goes on; what exactly the SU does; and what the SU can do for them. Initially, my plan is to hold a weekly Twitter and/or Facebook Live session as a forum for students to voice their opinions and feel like they are being listened to, and this starts during my campaign process with my Twitter handle @jglover12 and #GoJoeDSU