DP Education Candidate

Want someone who’s managed to get deadline extensions? What about somebody who is willing to put their body on the line for democracy? Are you a postgraduate student who wants to be represented? If you answered yes to any of these questions then vote me Kelly Davies.


The DSU is about you. I plan to increase student representation by:

  • Establishing a part time Postgraduate rep to allow all Postgraduate students a point of reference during their time at DMU.
  • Increasing the number of postgraduate course reps.
  • Consistently monitoring the new course rep system.

Equality and Transparency:

Every student pays for their course. They should see where their money is going and shouldn’t be made to feel as if they have a disadvantage. If I get the role I promise to:

  • Lobby DMU to explain exactly where your £9000+ goes in an easy to understand format.
  • Work with DMU Placements teams to ensure there are a variety of placements for all courses not just the few.
  • Look to enable DMU Replay for all courses and years.
  • Establish the Student Entry Program: A scheme that will allow 50 local minority students the chance to explore the campus, meet with a student mentor and get advice with their personal statement


A good officer is willing to get students involved in politics and inspire a new group of leaders. I want to get students involved by:

  • Convincing the rest of the trustee board to establish a NUS Referendum.
  • Working with DMU to have a variety of guest speakers covering and debating topical issues.
  • Having exclusive leadership days for women, BME, LGBTQ+, Mature and disabled students.

So vote Kelly Davies, the warrior who will fight for your education!