DP Education Candidate

My name is Ffion Piper and I am a third year Contour Fashion student and Student Representative for my course. Hardworking and driven, I am going to tackle ongoing issues at DMU in order to create a less stressful, more productive learning environment for current and future students of DMU. Everyone needs someone to believe in them, and that someone is me.  I despise unfairness and believe in equality across the board. Always putting others before myself, I aim to make the changes required to better the facilities, accommodation and standardisation across lectures, for all students.

Support - I believe students in their daily lives should not be scared of University, and should feel supported in what may be daunting environment. I’d like to make access to mental health and medical health appointments more readily available.

External Expertise - I aim to invite more industry specialist lecturers to DMU and broaden knowledge across all courses.

Accommodation - Student nurses are currently accommodated in unsafe, non-campus areas for six months of their course. Unsocial working hours only increase the dangers to them, therefore I will campaign for safer accommodation for all students that are unable to obtain housing due to their staggered intake dates.

Creative Students - Making workshop inductions accessible to all creative students - access to the dye labs, print and textile workshops, laser cutting, woodwork, metalwork and more should be introduced in all creative student’s first years to ensure students are able to explore their creative options as broadly as possible.

Standardisation - Many students have found that there are often conflicting opinions between lecturers or tutors on set syllabus. I’d like to work alongside staff and students to increase available contact time to ensure feedback from the tutors is of a high standard and will improve the learning experience of all.